Dr. Markeesha Reed

President & CEO

The team of Linkitall LLC (DBA LIA) is led by Dr. Markeesha Reed. Dr. Reed, a Service-Disabled Veteran, is honorably discharged after serving eight years in the United States Army, including two years of deployment to Iraq. Dr. Reed is a passionate and goal-oriented leader. Due to her persistent dedication and creativity, Dr. Reed founded LIA to establish a centralized hub in providing innovative solutions to its commercial and government clients. As the CEO of LIA, Dr. Reed believes in exploring “hard-to-imagine” solutions.

In a 2 ½ years’ timeframe, Dr. Reed took the company from $110.00 to $5 million. She possesses a strong knowledge of HR which includes recruitment, staffing, and workforce development. In addition, she has a track record of negotiation and technology development for commercial and government agencies.

As a result of Dr. Reed’s leadership and creativity, LIA has accomplished stability and continuous growth. Dr. Reed’s leadership capabilities ensure our clients that LIA maintains a proficient management team and a healthy financial system. Dr. Reed is not only a leader to LIA, but she has also, successfully been able to establish strong relationships with clients and form competent teaming and business partners. Dr. Reed is also the president of a successful Joint Venture (JV) company called, (CBALIA).

CBALIA currently has a contract with the Department of the Army and the Marine Corps System command for one of the oldest programs within the command; Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV). Dr. Reed continues to ensure the highest customer satisfaction with all contracts.

MBL Young Entrepreneur of the Year 

Award Recipient