Product Life Cycle

Our Team of Logistics Professionals develops expert solutions at affordable costs for our customers.

Our Services Include:

LIA provides the full range of lifecycle documentation to include Life Cycle Support Plans, IETMS, Drawings and Fielding Plans.

LIA works closely with the customer to understand their requirements and provides the most efficient and costo-effective solutions. We provide these services for the PdM AAV, PM AAA, MCSC.

At LIA our Team is well versed in the development of analyses that are the foundation of logistic support; FRACAS, LORA, Obsolescence, Logistics Demonstrations.

Several of our Analytical Tools are government developed and our Team Members are experts in their use. This allows our services to not only come at a cost benefit but also familiar to the customer.

We provide initial Provisioning, Replenishment, Procurement, Cataloging, Receiving, Shelf Life Management, and Warranty.

Our Logistics professionals are extremely well-versed in the planning and execution of Supply Support. Our Team members can come in at any phase in the supply evolution and become an immediate Resource to our customers.

Our FSR's provide Operation and Sustainment Training, Installation of Modification and Upgrades, Fielding's and are Deployable CONUS/OCONUS.

LIA FSR's are subject matter experts on the weapons systems supported. This allows them to provide all the support necessary to our warfighters and allows us to be enablers and "force multiplier" to our customers.