Our goal is to utilize innovative solutions for proven success. We provide a platform that brings IT and HR solutions in one centralized location. LIA’s team aims to maximize results and save our clients - public and private - precious time with economical practical solutions.

Formed in 2012, the company’s initial assignments included employment and education for transitional soldiers. Since its inception, LIA grew progressively within domains and established a strong client base in Virginia and Washington DC. Our cost-effective and high-quality technology and business solutions allow our company to meet missions, requirements, and goals for public as well as private. The team of LIA is equipped with vat knowledge and experience of HR and IT.

Our Philosophy

Our Vision

To continue to grow as a leading centralized company by “linking” solutions and informational technology, utilizing solutions to solve problems, and finding solutions that are undeniable.

Our Mission

To consistently provide high-level of support across the United States; delivering each product on time-every time.

Our Code of Ethics
  • Customer Focus
  • Ambition
  • Results–Oriented
  • Drive
  • Integrity
  • Opportunity
Our Core Values
  1. Speak and Act with INTEGRITY
  2. RESPECT for everyone
  3. Demonstrate TRUST
  4. Reflect Personal ACCOUNTABILITY
  5. Pursue EXCELLENCE